For those dealership’s with a Twitter account, I am sure you have fallen victim to the “What do I post now?!” blues. No need to fret, it happens to the best of the Tweeters out there. Sometimes it is difficult (at times, impossible!) to come up with anything unique and interesting to tweet. As a dependable back-up, we share links to articles we’ve read, along with the article headline, and call it a day.

Sound familiar? UH OH! Unfortunately, making this a routine practice can lead to heavy-lidded Twitter followers that have a tendency to nod off while reading your ho-hum tweets. Fight off the potential threat of link boredom by mixing up your Twitter strategy and not simply linking to someone else’s content.

Tweet questions – People love sharing their thoughts and ideas, and asking a question is a great way to get a response from your followers. Make it personal for them, ask what their first ride was, or something nostalgic for them to respond to.

Tweet tips – People love anything that can make their lives easier. Followers will appreciate (and hopefully re-tweet) automotive tips, as well as household, family, travel, cooking tips…and more.

Tweet opinions – Don’t be timid, tweet your opinion on everything from current world events to local community gatherings. The sky is the limit, with no need to fear the “What do I post now?!” blues.

You get the idea here, just mix things up a bit and you will be rewarded with an engaging Twitter presence and tweets worthy of being shared!