The other day I was helping one of my new dealers launch a car on eBay. The car was a unique vehicle, 2012 Nissan GT-R, with gorgeous pictures and great notes..basically just an overall great listing. While I was walking him through the process I told him about the time I was reviewing another dealers account and noticed that he had listed a Nissan GT-R on eBay with NO, that’s right ZERO, pictures and all that showed were stock photos. He also didn’t bother to write any notes. Did I mention the reserve on this car was $96,000!!! So I called my dealer to ask why he had done such a crazy thing and his reply floored me…”Ashley, the type of person looking for a car like this knows what it looks like”. So you are telling me that just because I know what one looks like it’s not important to actually show what the ACTUAL vehicle looks like. So are you saying that the stock photos are a true representation of the color of the car, has all of the same features and options and the same color interior?? Cause what if I don’t really know what a Nissan GT-R looks like but I am interested in the one you have listed? Bottom line is that if you list a car on eBay you should have at least 40 photos..and if you don’t have 40 at least have 1!! So do you think that dealer sold that car on eBay…absolutely not!