The Internet has definitely changed the way people shop for products and services. Instead of having to get in their car and drive around to get information about their next product or service everything is now right at their fingertips. It is this simple fact that has made prices for goods and services even more competitive than ever. They days of having a captive market you could sell to at any price are pretty much over. Buyers are in some cases even more knowledgeable about your products than your own sales personnel. So if all things are equal why would someone buy from a company if the price is identical at a store 10 miles closer to home? This is where the wonderful world of Social Media Marketing comes in to play.

Sites such as Facebook and Twitter started out as a way for individuals to information amongst the people they know and trust. I use the keyword TRUST here strategically. Soon social media made a shift into the business world. If individuals can communicate amongst each other it only made sense that businesses could share the latest and greatest about their companies. Now just like before we ever had these networking sites or even the Internet for that matter people tended to buy goods and services from people they trusted. They did not have elaborate sites such as Facebook to instantly share their experiences they communicated with the people they know around their towns.

The main benefit of going social is that it gives businesses a way to become more visible not just to the masses but to the people’s most inner circle within these masses. By building a level of trust with one person that “fans” your page you instantly gain the trust of the people that trust “their” opinion.

Social media marketing needs to be a conversation, a natural process people use to communicate and connect with one another.