It seems like everyone is talking about new years resolutions. Some people call them resolutions while others call them “goals” for the new year. What ever the case may be don’t waste one more day…set your goals! I talk to customers everyday and everyday I hear the same thing…”I don’t have enough time to ________(fill in the blank)”. If it’s important to you and more importantly to the success of your dealership then make the time. Goals will not be accomplished on their own. Here is what I think about when I am setting my goals:
1) I look at my previous years accomplishments and failures and put those failures at the top of the list for this year. I don’t give up on them. Like they say there’s always next year.
2) I write down goals that are reasonable and attainable.
3) I set a timeline; think of the snowball effect, if any of you listen to Dave Ramsey you know what I’m talking about…set out to accomplish the smaller goals first
4) I write them down and put them where I can see them every day; fridge, bathroom mirror, wallet, next to the computer; wherever just make sure they are visible…you know the saying…out of sight out of mind.
5) I verbally talk about them with my family and friends so they know what I am trying to accomplish.
6) Finally I make a conscious effort everyday to attain them
I set not only personal goals but professional, spiritual and physical ones as well. I would encourage all of you to sit down and do this as soon as possible! Better yet get everyone at dealership together and discuss goals for the new year. Come up with your dealerships goals together and make them well known. It’s a lot easier to accomplish goals when everyone is working towards them together. I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season! Here’s to a happy, healthy and successful 2012!