I wanted to give you all the results of my blog on QR Codes back in November http://blog.liquidmotors.com/author/terryholbrook/

. First of all thank you for the tremendous response via phone and emails it is appreciated.  Remember feel free to post links to these blogs and send them to people who you think would benefit from them.

If you have not read the November blog yet please do so prior to reading the results of the survey. Anyway, let’s get to the results of my 4 survey questions:

  1. Question:  I would place my QR code on the?
    1. Window Sticker          
    2. Buyers Guide
    3. A separate form


Do you agree with these results?

  1. Question: I have tried to scan my own QR Codes and they will scan through any level of window tint I have on my cars?
    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. I have never tested it 


Do you agree?

This is a shock to me in two ways.  First I have tested virtually every smart phone with QR Codes and have not found a code I could not scan through every type of window tint.  Now I am not saying it does not exist but I have not found one in months of testing.

Secondly, how many have never tested their own QR Codes to even make sure they work.  C’mon MAN,,,, get out there and test your products.  I don’t care if it is Liquid Motors or someone else get involved!

    Question 3: When a customer scans my QR Code I want them to see?

  1. My web site home page
  2. The vehicle details page on my main web site
  3. A customer contact form
  4. My mobile web site vehicle details page


 Nearly 40% of responses said they want their customer to see the details page of their main dealer site.  WHAT!  As my 3 year old would say, “Are you kidding me”.  Please if you agree with their answer please take a minute and view a mobile dealer site on your phone versus a non mobile site.  http://www.hooksautos.com/ has a mobile site you can use to compare to any non mobile site.  Try things like click to call, clicking on buttons or links you will see the difference your customers see.

     Question 4:  Customers know what QR Codes are and how to use them?

  1. Yes
  2. No


Just over 70% of our survey takers said YES that customers know what QR Codes are and how to use them.  Do you agree with them?

A resent study was done to answer this exact question.  According to the 794 customers that responded just 36% know what QR Codes are and of those 11% have actually used them at least 1 time.

Does this lack of awareness mean that QR codes are not such a valuable tool, or do they target a smaller but potentially more valuable audience?  What say you?

However, the same survey found that 54.7% of the people that scanned QR codes had a household income of $75,000 or more (with 36% over $100k), suggesting that marketers are targeting a wealthier audience. 

Here is the link to read the entire survey: Customer Survey on QR Codes Awareness

I know this is a busy time of the year with Thanksgiving, Christmas and budgeting for the 2012 so thank you for taking the time to read our blogs, facebook and twitter posts they are meant to benefit you.

Best wishes to all of your in 2012 may we grown, increase profits and have a very blessed 2012 together!  God bless you and your family from our family here at Liquid Motors.  Peace Joy and Happiness – Terry Holbrook