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If you ask me, being in sales is the best profession you can be in! Sales is one of the highest paying professions in the world. Now, some people may disagree and say being in sales isn’t for everyone. Think about it, from an early age we were all sales professionals. We would ask our parents for something and get a “no”, but we would keep asking in different more creative ways, until we got a “yes”. Being in sales can be tough, there can be so much rejection to deal with on a daily basis. A great sales professional has to remain positive and accept rejection as a “maybe” instead of a “no”. Most sales professionals will typically hear “no” a thousand times a day just to hear one “yes”, and when you hear “yes”, it is truly a sense of accomplishment! Have you ever worked with someone in sales and it seems everything comes so easy for them? Study this person and you will see that they are always prepared, confident, free-spirited, and ready to take on any task at hand. If you have been in sales for a while, or you are just starting out, remember that YOU are in charge of your own destiny and nobody is holding you back. Take charge of your destiny, be a kid-at-heart and don’t take “no” for an answer!


Repeat after me, “Facebook and Twitter are not selling tools”, again, but louder, “FACEBOOK AND TWITTER ARE NOT SELLING TOOLS!”, again….
`I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to see auto dealerships continuing to sell on these social (repeat…SOCIAL) networking sites. When I posted a tweet earlier, I saw that a dealership had posted 14 different tweets about 14 different listings. How frustrating, and somewhat insulting, for a potential customer to get on their Twitter or Facebook account to socialize and engage, just to find their account full of annoying sales pitches! These sites are not advertising tools, they are PR tools and you are the spokesperson. Be engaging and interesting and be part of the conversations about your brand and with your community. Don’t be the “stereotypical car salesman” that has gone to the Internet to find his prey. That approach doesn’t work in person, so what makes you think it will work online?

What did we do before the Internet came out in 1993? Just think, most of us were kids without a care in the world, funny how things change! Initially, everyone was trying to figure out what a modem was and why they weren’t connected. Remember the obnoxious dial-up tone? You just waited….waited….waited….and as soon as you finally got connected, someone would call in and knock you off. How annoying! Nowadays we can “get connected” anywhere – in stores, coffee shops, airports, even outside! It’s amazing when you think about how much we depend on the Internet and how it has taken over our lives. Everywhere you go, someone is always online with their phone, laptop or iPad checking their email or surfing the net. We have come a long way since 1993! When I was young we played outside, these days kids would rather play on the Internet. In so many ways the Internet has made our lives simpler, however, I sure do miss those simpler times! Makes you wonder what could possibly be the next great invention to top the Internet?

Another fact about 1993….. The number one hit song was Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love you”.

There are a lot of benefits in finding a single, full-cycle inventory management provider. The main benefit, that I cannot stress enough, is time to market. After talking with a handful of dealerships the other day, I was amazed at how many different service providers they were using to manage everything from pricing, lot services, inventory management and distribution. After taking a long hard look at their current processes, I saw it was taking up to 3 days (and sometimes longer) from the time a car hit their lot to the time it was showing up on their 3rd party marketing sites! It might not sound like a lot of time in the grand scheme of things, but in the marketing world where time is money these dealers are losing nearly 10% of potential leads they could be generating over the course of a 30-day period. Just think…if you are one of those dealers, those 3 days might have caused you to miss the perfect buyer or a potential buyer…who bought a car from the competition down the road simply because the car they were looking for from your dealership was nowhere to be found.

To learn more about how we are helping dealerships across the country speed their time to market give us a call.

I attended my first NADA this year, and what better place to do so than in Las Vegas! Being a true car guy at heart I was pretty excited about the convention. It was great to finally see some of the vendors that I had done business with over the past 15 years while I managed a dealership. I was really surprised to see how many opportunities for improvement are out there for dealers. Sometimes as dealers we have tools in our store but don’t understand the full functionalities of them, so we just get by with the basics. I know I personally, along with my former staff, are guilty as charged. I can assure you it was not because we did not want to get better, to be honest, we just did not know any different. I promise you, it would be in your best interest to get the necessary training so you can optimize the full benefit of your Internet tools!

If you have never been to NADA, you owe it to yourself to go at least one time. I would recommend you walk the entire show on day one, then go back the next 2 days to the companies that caught your eye and get more details. I can assure you, you will learn something new, I know I did!

We are headed to Vegas for NADA on Friday and it just so happens that NADA is on the same weekend as the Super Bowl. You know what that means….COMMERCIALS! Oh, and football of course. In case you haven’t seen this Honda commercial yet, it’s a must watch. Who doesn’t love “Ferris Buellers Day Off”??? I have many fond childhood memories of this movie and think Honda did it right with this one! Enjoy!

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