What did we do before the Internet came out in 1993? Just think, most of us were kids without a care in the world, funny how things change! Initially, everyone was trying to figure out what a modem was and why they weren’t connected. Remember the obnoxious dial-up tone? You just waited….waited….waited….and as soon as you finally got connected, someone would call in and knock you off. How annoying! Nowadays we can “get connected” anywhere – in stores, coffee shops, airports, even outside! It’s amazing when you think about how much we depend on the Internet and how it has taken over our lives. Everywhere you go, someone is always online with their phone, laptop or iPad checking their email or surfing the net. We have come a long way since 1993! When I was young we played outside, these days kids would rather play on the Internet. In so many ways the Internet has made our lives simpler, however, I sure do miss those simpler times! Makes you wonder what could possibly be the next great invention to top the Internet?

Another fact about 1993….. The number one hit song was Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love you”.