Have you ever written a blog or read one and thought, “What is that, I will never use that information!” Well, I think my blog on Facebook rankings may have been one of those, it was a little ahead of it’s time for our industry. Here is some great information and I hope it makes a difference in your efforts. Facebook fan pages are a great marketing tool for any business – if used properly. We all know most people become fans of your business on FB because they are looking for special deals or content they can’t get without extensive research, such as recalls or new rebates. So once you build your fan base, how do you stay engaged with them?

Have you ever wondered why certain company’s or people’s post always shows up on your FB page, while others you just never see? This is not by accident; there is a formula that RANKS each post.

At the highest level of this algorithm it is very simple, every item that shows up in your news feed is considered an Object and all Objects are ranked.

Here is the formula:

Affinity * Weight * Time Decay = Rank


Affinity = score between viewing user and content creator
• First, there’s an affinity score between the viewing user and the item’s creator — if you send your friend a lot of Facebook messages and check their profile often, then you’ll have a higher affinity score for that user than you would, say, for an old acquaintance you haven’t interacted with in years.
Weight = create, comment, like, tag, etc…volume
• Second, there’s a weight given to each type of Object. A comment has more importance than a Like, for example.
Time Decay = how long ago the content was created
• And finally there’s the most obvious factor — time. The older an Object is, the less important it becomes.
STOP! I know what you’re thinking, and no, you don’t have to do all the manual calculations yourself to determine if you are doing a good job. Tools have already been created for you to check the Rank of your Facebook fan page. Follow these steps:

1. Go to your Facebook account and click “Insights” (on the far left), then export the insights data as CSV and download to your computer. NOTE: You must be the admin of your FB page to export this data.

2. Visit www.edgerankchecker.com and follow the instructions.

Now that you have your score, see how you stack up:
0-3 is below average
4-7 is average
7+ is above average
And scores above 20 (such as Coca Cola and Pringles) are excellent!

So how do you improve your post ranking?

This is the part that is very simple. What do YOU like to see as a consumer when you visit posts or pages?

• Post content that attracts interaction
o Ask questions that will encourage a response
• Ask people to “Like” your content, and do the same for them
• Use media as much as possible in your post. Video and Pictures =WIN!

Another way to improve your ranking is to eliminate some of your “dead fans”, fans who are in a different country or Spam Fans that you know will never comment and are not even close to your area. This will help: # of Fans / # of interactions = Affinity weight.

I wish you all great success with your FB and Social Media efforts. If you have any questions or want to improve your Social Media efforts, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or call me. In addition, if you need custom FB applications to market your vehicles, parts and service, or need to monitor your reputation, Liquid Motors can help. Please take a minute to “Fan” us on FB and “Like” this blog.