I was trying to come up with a brilliant blog, and in my search of a topic to write about I came across this article, “It Drives Me Crazy! A Short Screed On The Stupidity Of Car Salesmen” by Becky Quick, that was recently printed in Fortune Magazine. After reading the article, I felt like I was transported back a decade or two. It goes to show that no matter how much we think the car business has changed, we are reminded, thanks here to Becky Quick, that maybe it hasn’t changed all that much. Although frustrated by salesmen at 5 different dealerships, Miss Quick still returned to purchase a vehicle from one of them due to the time crunch with her baby arriving soon and simply being “tired of shopping around”. So ultimately, the salesman got the sale and the dealership can continue to treat women poorly with the knowledge they will continue to get sales. Two steps forward three steps back. So what are the sales practices at your dealership?