Most of you will probably have no idea as to what I am talking about when I utter the phrase “Gilt Groupe?”. Anyone? Anyone? Gilt is similar to Zulily, again any man know what I am talking about? Both sites are similar in the sense that you must be a member, membership is free, they send daily offers discounted up to 50% (or more sometimes), and you basically have a certain amount of time to purchase before the offer is no longer valid. Maybe I should have said Groupon or Living Social and a light would have gone off for most. Similar to those sites, but a little more “high line”, especially Gilt. I received my daily Gilt email yesterday and something immediately caught my eye. I have never seen anything like it before! Infiniti is offering their brand new, never been on the road, absolutely gorgeous, 2013 Infiniti JX for HALF OFF if you are a Gilt member. Of course there are rules and regulations and the main one is that you must put down a $5,000 deposit at the time of purchase, however the money will be refunded at the time of purchase, so all-in-all, not a bad deal! Better yet, the MSRP is $54,850 and with the Gilt offer you will pay only $27,425 and Gilt will donate the full retail price of the JX to Coaches vs. Cancer. So you not only get a beautiful car at an amazing price but you are also donating to a great cause! Now…(insert deep sigh here)… if only I could persuade my husband into buying me that car!