On a daily basis I look at all my dealers websites. Whether it be a website that we host, or that is hosted by another vendor, I can expect one thing to remain the same the majority of the time. Yes, I go to a dealers website and chances are, it has not been updated. My job as an Account Manager is to monitor my dealers websites on a monthly basis and make sure they are updating their slides on the homepage, the service coupons are active and current, the staff pages are up to date etc. Some of my dealers are great! They email me weekly with new incentives, new slides, coupons, staff page changes and I get so excited to see all of the new changes! Then there are a few others, those that it’s like pulling teeth to even get the price of a basic oil change. Potential customers want to see up-to-date websites with current information, current offers, non-expired coupons – it really does make a difference. So please make sure you are reviewing your website on a monthly basis to make sure it is up to par!