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On Sunday, April 22, more than one billion people around the globe will participate in Earth Day 2012, with the focus on protecting and preserving the environment. How has your dealership been recognizing the awareness month, or how do you plan to celebrate on the 22nd? Even if you don’t have anything in place, it is easy to help make a difference for your Mother Earth. Here is a simple list to make your customers aware of. They may seem so very basic, but each can make a tremendous impact!

Use Your Cruise Control
Your customers paid for those extra buttons in their car, so remind them to put them to work! Using the cruise control can improve their fuel economy by up to 15%.

Recycle Your Used Oil
Explain to your shoppers that oil drained from their car is a valuable resource that can be re-fined and purified into high quality motor oil. Recycling used oil can conserve our nation’s natural resources. The improper disposal of used oil can contaminate the soil as well as surface and ground water. It only takes one gallon of oil, the amount collected from a single oil change, to contaminate 1 million gallons of fresh water!

Maintain Your Vehicle
Make certain your customers understand the importance of a properly maintained vehicle. Having their vehicle tuned up regularly, at least once a year, will go a long way towards reducing air pollution, improving the car’s performance, conserving energy, and saving them money on repairs

Get a Professional Car Wash
Your customers may not know that professional car washes are more efficient with water consumption than the usual do-it-yourself wash at home. According to studies, if everyone in the U.S. visited a car wash just one time instead of washing the vehicle themselves, it would save nearly 8.7 billion gallons of water! And remind them to clean out the extra “stuff” in the trunk and inside of their car, reducing the weight of the vehicle will help improve their gas mileage.


Congratulations to top performer, Group 1 Automotive East Region, for claiming the #1 spot on the 2012 WardsAuto e-Dealer 100! Group 1 Automotive East Region, based in Danvers, MA, was an undisputed winner this year, boasting new Internet sales of 13,369 units and used Internet sales of 10,767, giving them an alarming total of 24,136 Internet sales units!

Only the savviest of dealers that excel at Internet – driven sales are ranked and recognized annually. This list serves as a mighty indicator of the growing success of dealerships harnessing the infinite power of the Internet.

As Group 1’s Internet Marketing provider, Liquid Motors is thrilled to see the East Region achieve such success, and we reach out to them with a tremendous pat on the back!

We blog quite a bit about the importance of having photos and video on all your inventory, and I, as an Account Manager, preach it on a daily basis to most of you. Without a doubt, the flashy videos and breath-taking pictures posted of your inventory are essential in selling your vehicles, but don’t overlook the basics! It is the unique vehicle comments that will actually tell the vehicle’s story and really get the customer’s interest.

You can populate custom comments, seller notes and vehicle descriptions with SEO tags in a matter of minutes with our Description Builder tool. This tool is designed to speed up your ability to launch inventory with rich, persuasive descriptions and avoid going through the frustrating and time-consuming effort of coming up with unique and clever things to write about each of your vehicles. Whether your dealership uses time-saving technology that generates unique descriptions for them or they rely on writing the comments themselves, ensure that all of your listings are posted with rich, persuasive descriptions each and every time.

Compelling descriptions create an emotional connection with the potential customer, encouraging shoppers to spend more time with your listing – and more time on your listing moves them that much closer toward your dealership for a purchase! It doesn’t get any more basic than that!

I know that I have blogged about this before, but I cannot stress enough, the importance of testing your leads AND verifying that they are being parsed correctly in your CRM tool! Last week we had a situation come up where leads were not being parsed correctly in a dealers CRM tool. Come to find out, the leads were going into the unmatched category. Which brings up another point…always check for unmatched leads!

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