We blog quite a bit about the importance of having photos and video on all your inventory, and I, as an Account Manager, preach it on a daily basis to most of you. Without a doubt, the flashy videos and breath-taking pictures posted of your inventory are essential in selling your vehicles, but don’t overlook the basics! It is the unique vehicle comments that will actually tell the vehicle’s story and really get the customer’s interest.

You can populate custom comments, seller notes and vehicle descriptions with SEO tags in a matter of minutes with our Description Builder tool. This tool is designed to speed up your ability to launch inventory with rich, persuasive descriptions and avoid going through the frustrating and time-consuming effort of coming up with unique and clever things to write about each of your vehicles. Whether your dealership uses time-saving technology that generates unique descriptions for them or they rely on writing the comments themselves, ensure that all of your listings are posted with rich, persuasive descriptions each and every time.

Compelling descriptions create an emotional connection with the potential customer, encouraging shoppers to spend more time with your listing – and more time on your listing moves them that much closer toward your dealership for a purchase! It doesn’t get any more basic than that!