I have to admit that when Pinterest came out I had no intention of joining. I was already up to my ears in social media; ie Facebook, blogs etc. and Pinterest was one more thing to suck me in and suck up my time so I was saying NO! Well that lasted all of a few months..I know I’m weak. All of my friends were talking about this amazing recipe or that awesome home remedy  and every time I asked where they found X,Y or Z they replied “Pinterest”..duh Ashley. So I caved and joined and I love it and it doesn’t take up too much of my time and it has been a great source for everything and anything under the sun. Want to know how to get spots out of the carpet?? Just look on Pinterest. Want plans for a sandbox? Ask Pinterest! Want to learn how to defog your headlights at home? Ask Pinterest! So I was wondering if dealers use Pinterest and sure enough they do, here is a dealer I found. I am still having a hard time deciding as to how this benefits a dealer or if nothing else is it just important for dealers to be tuned into all forms of social media regardless if it directly benefits them on not? What do you think? If you are a dealer that is currently using Pinterest what are the benefits you see? We want to know!