So it may not technically be summer yet, but I know a lot of us are feeling like it’s already here.  Kids are getting out of school.  The 6am sun is our new alarm clock.  Jeans are becoming intolerable to wear.  This is the usual standard every year at this time.


Let’s make a change starting this summer – a new annual routine rather.  Mark it on your calendar to have a professional look over your vehicle(s) for precautionary measures, i.e. tires, battery, brakes, belts.  I know every person has had it ingrained in their head to “Check Your Oil” – at least my Dad said that every time I stopped by the house.  Yes, oil is obviously important for your car to run, but one of my biggest concerns is to make sure your vehicle will stop.  Stay with me…


My background is from the Fixed Ops side of a very well known local dealership.  Who knew my first job out of college would be selling oil changes?  Honestly, the job ended up being life saving not only for me but also my customers.  I know that sounds a little dramatic, but it’s true.  For instance, you know when you’re driving down the highway and about every few miles you’ll see pieces of tire rubber off to the side off the road?  If you think about how often you see those pieces of rubber and the amount of vehicles having the same tire trouble, it’s not a coincidence.  There is no pile of nails strategically placed causing the blow outs.  A majority is due to the neglect of tire wear.  Very few people know or will admit that their tires will need to be changed.  Yes, it is expensive and uncontrollably the prices continue to go up.  Most people will need to budget for a purchase like this.  This leads to another good reason to get the car checked out – it gives you a better time line of when tires and other car maintenance items would be needed giving you the time to budget accordingly.  The worst thing that could happen is to have a blown out tire causing danger to you, passengers or other vehicles on the road.  Plus, think about the inconvenience it will put on your plans waiting for a tow truck or having to change the tire yourself in the summer heat.


Let’s be preventative and not wait for the worst to happen!  Now that I hopefully have your attention, I will say what I’ve always wanted to ingrain in my customer’s head as a new catchphrase – “Check Your Tires” – plain and simple!  Have someone inspect them going into every season.  The summer sun can be extreme on your vehicle!