During my flight to Nashville this past weekend I was able to do some good people watching.  One of my favorite things is to see what other passengers are reading.  Is it something I’ve read?  Is it something that may interest me?  Whatever it is, I like to make a simple statement regarding the book.  My whole purpose is to see if I can excite the passenger about what they are about to read, as well as, see what I can get out of our little chit-chat (hopefully a good recommendation).

We do the same thing in sales, don’t we?  We create conversation to provoke excitement.  This is what makes a good sales person, great.  They know how to influence someone’s emotional strings with a genuine interest.  This is where the personal relationship is formed.  We aren’t necessarily trying to sell anything at this point, but who knows what may come of the conversation.

At every stage in my life, no matter my age, I have grown the most by watching and trying to mimic the best!  What I recommend for those looking to move to the next step in their career is to find someone they have a high regard for and use them as their own personal guru.  By pushing your pride to the side and going after what you want, then you are going to get something out of it.  That’s what sales is, right?  Find someone in your field that can push you to the next level or even find a writer that will challenge you professionally.  Whatever you do, just don’t be stagnant in your career no matter what level you are at.