As I was thinking about my blog this month and what to write about I was flipping through a popular industry magazine hoping to find inspiration.  As I went from page to page I was trying to think what a dealer would want to hear about or learn.  I started to notice titles of articles:  “QR Codes you must have them”, “Your Facebook is not working”, “Website evaluation today”. As I started to look over some of these I realized that they are really not educational articles teaching industry best practices they were more trying to convince me that what I am doing now or the company I am using now is not what I should be doing. As I thought about that I started to notice that the articles were tied to specific products or promotions particular companies are pushing.  Now before I continue let me say myself or Liquid Motors is not completely innocent of this if you even consider it an issue but what it really got me thinking about is the best way to choose a vendor and why dealers stay with certain vendors for long periods of time.

To determine how to best choose a vendor I thought it would make sense to talk with and look into why our very own dealers and auto groups have stayed with us for such an extended period of time and here are the main areas of feedback I received:


  1. The      support I receive is top notch and the fact that you offer 24/7 support      really tells me Liquid Motors is a partner in my efforts to be successful.
  2. I got      as good or better solutions when I moved to Liquid Motors and the fact      that I would consolidate to just 1 or 2 vendors versus the 5 or 6 I had      before saves me money every month.
  3. As the      GM I don’t have time to look into my Internet department everyday but the      reports I get automatically emailed to me gives me a quick snap shot and      allows me to identify issues early on.       The end of the month detailed report from my Liquid Motors account      manager gives me a great overview also.       I don’t get this with other vendors I have.
  4. Most      vendors tell us how their solutions will make us better, Liquid Motors      works with us to provide the solutions we feel we need for long term      success.  Sharing strategic plans      with a vendor who can understand our vision and then provide solutions to      allow us to achieve that vision is invaluable.


As I heard these comments it became very clear what dealers and auto groups should look for when selecting a vendor:


  1. Support–      Does this vendor offer the level of support that I need?
  2. Cost– Can I save money with this      vendor or does the solution truly validate the expense or additional      expense?
  3. Partnership– Is this vendor going      to care about my success or failures?
  4. Solution– Am I able to make      feature request to enhance the solution so that my specific goal/plan can      be achieved or will I be placed in a “cookie cutter” type solution?


These items may be easy to assume you can do this with your current vendors but understanding that many companies white label other company’s solutions or use other companies platforms to power their solution make it virtually impossible for them to customized items for your particular dealership or auto group.


I hope this helps when you start your search for your next vendor and as always thank you for following us on facebook, twitter and our blog.