Creating compelling descriptions for your inventory can be one of the most time consuming task that you perform when merchandising your inventory. This is especially true when it comes to creating descriptions for your used car inventory…those units you might not be 100% familiar with all the options, awards and details of thus, make it even more challenging to come up with quality content. I work with several dealers whose pictures rival those of the actual manufacturer yet when you look at their listings not a single one of them has a description tied to it. It is not only important to have descriptions on each inventory item to help provide potential buyers with more information…but it is also a critical component when it comes to getting your cars found on both the major search engines as well as your third party advertising sites. Without relevant content these sites will have nothing to look for and will ultimately bring your competitors site to the head of the pack.

With advances in technology comes the ability to automate processes that once were a time consuming burden on the dealer. Products such as our OMG (Optimal Merchandising Generator) give dealers the ability to take key vehicle data and populate pre-defined custom description templates across their new, used and certified inventories allowing them to spend more time taking better pictures of their inventory or simply focusing on selling more cars.

So whether you use an automated tool such as OMG or enjoy taking the time to write your descriptions on your own make a point to ensure that they are all compelling, complete and as accurate as possible.