Global economics have certainly challenged the selling side of the equation.  Larger populations – larger markets?  Maybe not.  Maybe just more diverse markets…and lots of them! 

The driving goal for any business is learning how to capture market share – and the bigger the share, the better!!  While automobile manufacture is global, sales are regional…unless we’re talking specialty cars.  And in a very competitive economic environment, finding that sweet spot is essential to dealers – it keeps business moving, covers financial commitments, and (hopefully) funds more than a couple of retirements, kids in college, and the occasional dream vacation!

So how to find the sweet spot(s)?  Do a little homework.  And get creative.  Of all those families with 2.3 kids, how many are driving age?  What about the Baby Boomers?  They’re a huge economic base and have more disposable income than those families just starting out.  How many universities are in your area?  They’re a great source of potential buyers. 

All these markets are looking for their specific deal – the offer that has them in mind.  Do a little work…rev up those creative thinkers…and capture more than your fair share of the markets!