A few weeks back I went to a local service shop near our house to get my oil changed. Pulling up to the shop I could immediately tell I was in for a pretty good wait. After walking inside and up to the front counter I was greeted and asked what I was in for. Telling the representative I was there for just a simple oil change he looked down and then back up to me and said it would be about a 30 minute wait. I told him no problem, handed over my keys and took at seat in the waiting room.

After about 35 minutes or so I realized that 30 minutes was probably going to turn in to an hour. Growing a little impatient I walked back up to the counter and asked if they were close to getting started on my car. The representative at this point looked a little flustered and after apologizing told me it could be another 30 minutes. Getting a little hungry at this point I told him that I would just come back another day. Realizing that I more than likely would not be back and would probably end up getting my oil changed somewhere else he asked me to wait one minute and walked to the office at the back of the building. Walking back he had a small piece of paper and handed it to me. He said if you are willing to wait another 30 minutes you can go next door to Chick-fil-A and lunch would be on them. He handed me a coupon for a free meal deal and said when I got back my car would be ready to go. Shocked by the display of great customer service I grabbed the coupon walked next door and enjoyed a quick lunch.

When I got back to the shop my car was pulled around front and ready to go. After checking the representative then gave me a coupon for a FREE oil change on my next visit for the inconvenience. This kind gesture was without a doubt above and beyond the small amount of extra time that I had to wait and a reason for securing my future business.

Good companies recognize that the only way to grow their business is to go above and beyond in creating the greatest amount of satisfaction for their customers. Furthermore, the service shop above has not only gained me as a future valued customer but they have tapped in to my personal network of friends and family of which I have recommended their business to. An oil change is really nothing special, thousands of shops across the country perform the same services day in and day out; however, it is the ones that go above and beyond in creating a memorable experience that continue to thrive.