So much effort is placed now days on our digital marketing efforts that it seems that some stores are almost “expecting” for people to just simply show up and buy a car from them. The overall goal of any marketing activity is to produce some sort of call to action. While the end goal is of course a conversion/sale there are many activities that must take place after a web event takes place and before a sale can be made. The shift of how dealers find new customers has definitely changed from more traditional forms of advertising to digital ones (even though traditional advertising is still important). However, the sales people, finance managers and dealership staff are effective in turning that Internet lead into a car deal. If your dealership is missing the basic fundamentals of selling and customer support then all of the effort and hard earned money you have put into getting that buyer to your store will be wasted. So as you are investing in driving more buyers to your lot make sure you are taking the time to invest in sales and customer service training and I guarantee you will see your conversion rates increase!