“Can you hear me now?” Because of Verizon’s past marketing efforts, this question is forever linked with the Verizon guy testing their network’s ability to provide a solid cell-phone signal in all areas consumers might roam. This is one example among many where a communicative strategy left a lasting mark on consumers’ minds and their purchasing decisions.

            Communication is a powerful thing that can make or break your business. While it is critical to have a well-formed vision that drives your business efforts, if you want your business to move from a day-to-day mundane experience to a cause that energizes your employees and market, it is also essential to communicate your vision clearly, consistently and with passion in all aspects of your business.

 Communicate your vision clearly

           You could have the most dynamic, well-formed vision that defines what you want to accomplish in your business and how you will get there, but if you do not express that vision well, you derive no real benefit from it. Consider your vision as your central theme for your dealership that is present in everything you see and everything you do.

            Taking the example of a “No hassle” approach used in my last blog, I was on the telephone with one dealership and when they placed me on hold, rather than hold music playing, there was a monologue about that dealership’s no-hassle philosophy. Within 30 seconds the speaker said the words “no-hassle” four times expressing this dealership’s vision for their sales approach. By the time the salesperson answered the call I knew exactly what I should expect when I step foot on that dealership’s lot. That is communicating your vision clearly!

Communicate your vision consistently

            The reality is a statement on the wall is not going to go the distance with incorporating your vision in the fabric of your dealership. Your vision statement printed in places like your dealership’s wall, brochures, and stated in your media ads is essential; however, this is not enough. The old adage is true that what you do says volumes more than what you say.

            With that in mind, once you are communicating your vision through printed and visual media, there are two areas to address that will ensure your vision’s success in your dealership: your employees’ actions and attitudes toward your vision. It is imperative that your employees not just uphold your vision statement, but that they completely buy into it – lock, stock and barrel. When this happens, their actions: how they handle their transactions, how they manage their leads, how they provide customer service, will all rise to the level of excellence you need. Those that do not will be obvious because they will stand out like a sore thumb in the atmosphere you have cultivated.

Communicate your vision with passion

            Attitude is one of the elements that differentiates between those that work hard but do not experience great success and those that work hard and do. A salesperson can do all of the right actions but if their attitude does not express their confidence in your vision then they can do more harm than good. While it is good to have your vision printed everywhere and said consistently, if it is not expressed and lived out in the work day with passion, it will lack the quality that energizes your business and inspires your market to do business with you. 

            Communication can make or break your business. How are you communicating your vision to your employees? How is your business communicating your vision to your market? A well-formed vision has the potential to drive your dealership where you want to go. To unlock that potential, communicate that vision clearly, consistently and with passion!