I was thinking of what to blog about this month and was looking at my iGoogle homepage and started to wonder, what is happening to the world. Trying to get inspiration of a great automotive Internet marketing topic is hard when all I am seeing are headlines around the world screaming the sky is falling. Heck the more headlines I read the more I thought maybe the sky is falling (chuckles).

I mean really look at the headlines: 

  • Romney vs. Obama – Obama vs. Romney
  • Iran’s Leader Keeps push for Nukes, says Israel will be eliminated
  • Marines in court
  • Syrian Mediator has no plan only a few “ideas”
  • Iran says, “Israel is bluffing”
  • Syrian war threatens region
  • Stocks close lower on Euro gloom, Facebook shares slammed
  • Japan trades words with China
  • Attacks by Muslim’s all over the region over movie
  • Unemployment rate moves higher

WOW, the news sure is depressing!  Maybe someone should start an all Positive news channel.

This all got me thinking of how we treat customers, fellow employees, complete strangers, loved ones and even ourselves. We have all seen or heard about “pay it forward” but I have a much easier challenge that I hope all of you reading this blog do and pass on the challenge to people in your life.

 The GOAL:

Each and everyday the goal is to make 1 person smile or laugh.

Imagine how the world would be if everyone did this.  Thank you for following all of our blogs, tweets and Facebook postings.  Liquid Motors is your partner in Internet marketing.