Humans have always had a desire to visually represent what is in our minds and memory in order to communicate our ideas to others. The purpose of visual language has always been to communicate ideas.

Think of it this way. If you’re at a museum and see a painting that intrigues you, what is your first reaction? You want to touch it, right? The same thing happens when a person visits an automobile showroom. Automobiles are like beautiful paintings or sculpture. The color or model of a car represents a person’s style and desires. You can see it when a person walks up to a car and touches it. The car is a visual representation of the individual.

Automobile manufacturers create brands based on these ideas. Using myself as an example, BMW speaks to my love of minimalist design and refined quality. In my opinion, all of their communications are directed at an audience who desire to drive a vehicle with those qualities.

As a dealership you should never design a website or any marketing material that deviates from your manufacturer brand. Designing your communications based on brand standards will appeal to the audience you seek to find.