I was recently watching a stock watch show and they were discussing the most productive countries and their work force.  This got me thinking. In virtually every country in the world the work week is a Monday-Friday 9AM to 6PM schedule.  Austria is the same except Friday’s are a half day, no wonder they are all beautiful over there (insert smiley face). Most if not all middle eastern countries work Sunday-Thursday with Thursday being a half day for religious reasons. A few unique schedules are Brunei their work week is Monday-Thursday and Saturday with Friday and Sunday being the days off. In Nepal students go to school everyday except Saturday and Afghanistan and Iran the only day off is Friday.

If any of what I am about to say holds true with you and your life then you will understand my work schedule proposal.  How many times do you finish the day at the office and do one if not all of the following:

  • Pick up the kids
  • Take them to their sports or other practice
  • Make dinner
  • Help them with homework
  • Play or interact with them
  • Walk to dog
  • Clean the house

I could go on and on but you get the idea.  You do all of this while being dead tired from a long day or in a bad mood from the days events.  All of this can affect the amount of energy, focus, time and your attitude with your loved ones. I am sure we all agree that our loved ones are the most important part of our lives and that we would/do everything for them we can. So the fact that we don’t always give all the time, energy or attention we want and it happens to all of us at some point is not because we don’t want to.

Let’s take a quick look at the kid’s schedule.  How many times have I heard a teacher say that half the children are in a trance in class until 10AM and yes it gets worse as they age.

So here is my proposal and with a little social media we can get this on the Presidential agenda before the election (again insert smiley face here):

School and Work will start in the noon time frame and end late in the evening!

This would give you quality time in the morning with your kids, they will be less tired for sports or other practices they have normally in the afternoon and parents will be fresh and full of energy.  Let’s not mention that most homework gets done the morning before school anyway (you guest it insert another smiley face).  No need for lunch breaks at school or work because lunch can be had with family prior to school or work starting. When the day is over both adults and kids will have about enough time for a family dinner and then ready for bed.

By now you are either laughing or thinking what in the heck is Terry Holbrook thinking? So while you’re still laughing let me tell you what I am thinking.  I am thinking outside the box and of course this idea however brilliant it is will not work but, if for one second I got you to think outside the box then my blog goal was hit!  I don’t want you to consider a new life schedule but I do want you to be brave enough and willing enough to think outside the box, break down your own paradigms as you run your business or departments. In closing and most of all remember this one very important statement: 

“Just because we have been doing something a certain way for years does not mean it is the right way or most effective way to do it”…. Me

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