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Google Analytics can be a scary thing, but it will help you with your Internet marketing the more you understand it. I would urge you to log into your account and look around. Google Analytics Standard Reporting can be narrowed down by the hour, day, week, and month.

Google Analytics Standard Reporting shows you. Visits, Unique visitors, page views, pages/visit, avg. visit duration, bounce rate, and % new visits. This report will tell you how many visitors have been to your site and how long they stayed.

The Site Content report shows you the site content. This report shows how many times someone has looked at your site pages. This would be helpful in letting you know if your site pages are sending the right messages.

The Site Speed Report shows you avg. page load time, avg. redirection time, avg. domain lookup time, avg. server connection time, avg. server response time, and avg. page download time. This report is telling you how fast your site is.

The In Page Analytics shows you where consumers are clicking on your site. This report is will show you in detail where people click exactly on your pages and give you percentages which is helpful when creating new pages to draw more attention to your site.

This is a basic over view of Google Analytics. You owe it to yourself and company to log in and become familiar with this powerful tool.



We blog quite a bit about the importance of having photos and video on all your inventory, and I, as an Account Manager, preach it on a daily basis to most of you. Without a doubt, the flashy videos and breath-taking pictures posted of your inventory are essential in selling your vehicles, but don’t overlook the basics! It is the unique vehicle comments that will actually tell the vehicle’s story and really get the customer’s interest.

You can populate custom comments, seller notes and vehicle descriptions with SEO tags in a matter of minutes with our Description Builder tool. This tool is designed to speed up your ability to launch inventory with rich, persuasive descriptions and avoid going through the frustrating and time-consuming effort of coming up with unique and clever things to write about each of your vehicles. Whether your dealership uses time-saving technology that generates unique descriptions for them or they rely on writing the comments themselves, ensure that all of your listings are posted with rich, persuasive descriptions each and every time.

Compelling descriptions create an emotional connection with the potential customer, encouraging shoppers to spend more time with your listing – and more time on your listing moves them that much closer toward your dealership for a purchase! It doesn’t get any more basic than that!

If you ask me, being in sales is the best profession you can be in! Sales is one of the highest paying professions in the world. Now, some people may disagree and say being in sales isn’t for everyone. Think about it, from an early age we were all sales professionals. We would ask our parents for something and get a “no”, but we would keep asking in different more creative ways, until we got a “yes”. Being in sales can be tough, there can be so much rejection to deal with on a daily basis. A great sales professional has to remain positive and accept rejection as a “maybe” instead of a “no”. Most sales professionals will typically hear “no” a thousand times a day just to hear one “yes”, and when you hear “yes”, it is truly a sense of accomplishment! Have you ever worked with someone in sales and it seems everything comes so easy for them? Study this person and you will see that they are always prepared, confident, free-spirited, and ready to take on any task at hand. If you have been in sales for a while, or you are just starting out, remember that YOU are in charge of your own destiny and nobody is holding you back. Take charge of your destiny, be a kid-at-heart and don’t take “no” for an answer!

What did we do before the Internet came out in 1993? Just think, most of us were kids without a care in the world, funny how things change! Initially, everyone was trying to figure out what a modem was and why they weren’t connected. Remember the obnoxious dial-up tone? You just waited….waited….waited….and as soon as you finally got connected, someone would call in and knock you off. How annoying! Nowadays we can “get connected” anywhere – in stores, coffee shops, airports, even outside! It’s amazing when you think about how much we depend on the Internet and how it has taken over our lives. Everywhere you go, someone is always online with their phone, laptop or iPad checking their email or surfing the net. We have come a long way since 1993! When I was young we played outside, these days kids would rather play on the Internet. In so many ways the Internet has made our lives simpler, however, I sure do miss those simpler times! Makes you wonder what could possibly be the next great invention to top the Internet?

Another fact about 1993….. The number one hit song was Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love you”.

I attended my first NADA this year, and what better place to do so than in Las Vegas! Being a true car guy at heart I was pretty excited about the convention. It was great to finally see some of the vendors that I had done business with over the past 15 years while I managed a dealership. I was really surprised to see how many opportunities for improvement are out there for dealers. Sometimes as dealers we have tools in our store but don’t understand the full functionalities of them, so we just get by with the basics. I know I personally, along with my former staff, are guilty as charged. I can assure you it was not because we did not want to get better, to be honest, we just did not know any different. I promise you, it would be in your best interest to get the necessary training so you can optimize the full benefit of your Internet tools!

If you have never been to NADA, you owe it to yourself to go at least one time. I would recommend you walk the entire show on day one, then go back the next 2 days to the companies that caught your eye and get more details. I can assure you, you will learn something new, I know I did!

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