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A great selling technique on eBay Motors, the Best Offer option helps sell vehicles even quicker, allowing you to close a listing the moment you receive an acceptable bid — without having to wait until the listing ends. Many dealers are experiencing great success using Best Offer pricing, especially on listings for vehicles five-years-old and newer. Average sales prices and conversion rates have shown dramatic improvement.

You can easily set up a Best Offer following these 4 steps:

1. Choose the Fixed Price format instead of Auction when listing the vehicle.

2. Enter your ask price (Buy It Now price), being sure to select the “Best Offer” option.

3. Place your Buy It Now price + “or Best Offer” in the description section of your listing.

4. Manage your listing by either accepting or rejecting any offer, then begin negotiations with prospective buyers within the text field.

Has best offer been working for you? Let us know.

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