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“There’s no shortage of money, just a distribution problem!”   

The same is true about markets.

There’s no shortage of markets, just a distribution problem.  And that means one key to expanding your market share is expanding your market base.

Fortunately, the auto industry has an almost limitless supply of buyers – and those buyers need sellers.  Smart “sellers” have every incentive to go wide with their offerings.  For every new or old car, someone has a “want”.  Exotics and kit cars need parts.  And what are now called Muscle Cars were once known simply as cars.  This market is especially rich for suppliers and buyers.

Almost every Baby-Boomer out there has a rich memory of a muscle car.  Maybe it was a first car, a graduation present, or your high school sweetheart’s… name it, there’s a point of reference.  Now that those Baby-Boomers are grown up, have some disposable income, and time on their hands – getting back in touch with those cars that made life carefree and fun are becoming a real focus…and a real money-maker.

Grab some time, check out the web and see just how many local, state and national car clubs are out that need new cars to fix, new parts to buy, and new memories to make.  Discover a new market and find the solution to distribution!!


Global economics have certainly challenged the selling side of the equation.  Larger populations – larger markets?  Maybe not.  Maybe just more diverse markets…and lots of them! 

The driving goal for any business is learning how to capture market share – and the bigger the share, the better!!  While automobile manufacture is global, sales are regional…unless we’re talking specialty cars.  And in a very competitive economic environment, finding that sweet spot is essential to dealers – it keeps business moving, covers financial commitments, and (hopefully) funds more than a couple of retirements, kids in college, and the occasional dream vacation!

So how to find the sweet spot(s)?  Do a little homework.  And get creative.  Of all those families with 2.3 kids, how many are driving age?  What about the Baby Boomers?  They’re a huge economic base and have more disposable income than those families just starting out.  How many universities are in your area?  They’re a great source of potential buyers. 

All these markets are looking for their specific deal – the offer that has them in mind.  Do a little work…rev up those creative thinkers…and capture more than your fair share of the markets!

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