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What would you think if you opened a mailer from a local dealership and you saw an offer for the new 2012 Chevrolet Malibu along with an offer for a discount on a haircut?? Would that seem strange to you? For most yes but for people that live in the Dallas area, specifically the suburb of McKinney might not. Why you ask? Because El Dorado Motors not only offers service to keep your vehicle in tip top shape but they also offer services to keep YOU, the customer looking your best. I saw this story yesterday and thought, “What a great idea!”. I love it when a dealership thinks outside of the box and offers their customers something other then the norm. I used to work with a dealer that offered pedicures in the service department so customers could get a pedicure while they waited on their car getting serviced. Another great idea! Its little things like these that make a dealer stand out. What can you do different to stand out??


There is a new Google feature out called +1 that is similar to the “like” feature on Facebook. If you have not seen it yet, you should definitely check it out. You can get the info you need at You place the code on your website so that someone who likes your content can recommend it on Google search. As Google crawls the pages on your website, the +1 information can be picked up. Then when someone is searching on Google and find your page, they will see how many recommendations you have. This can visually make you stand out and possibly lead to click through to your site. I would definitely recommend placing the +1 feature on the home page of your website as well as the vehicle details pages. Who knows where this will go, but if it will ultimately give your website more relevance in searches, then it’s time to jump on the bandwagon.

Google has, after a great deal of time, false-starts, and speculation, entered into the Social game with their latest offering – Google+. Google+ is Google’s long anticipated response to Facebook. It is still in its early infancy and currently an invitation-only format where you must be invited to join. This is similar to how they rolled out Gmail with ever-increasing numbers of people able to create accounts. You can visit to add your name to the list for future invites if you wish. Should businesses start salivating over another Social Media opportunity in Google+?
First of all, after initial reports of corporations like Ford jumping in with both feet, Google has announced that it does not want businesses to begin launching accounts on Google+ just yet. They have stated they want the program to be for individuals for now but will be launching business profiles by the end of the year. (
Google has provided an additional sign-up form directed at businesses however – here . The details around this portion of the program are vague at this point but Google does state there is no guarantee of acceptance and that “test profiles will be retired when we launch our business product”. So the benefits of participating as a business are unknown at this point.
Should you sign up for the business profile waiting list? While the potential benefits may not be concrete at this time, what would it hurt? Worst-case scenario would be that you get denied or never make the cut. Maybe you do make the cut but then have to create a new account once the trial period is over. I would guess Google would offer a way to carry over your trial account’s followers but that is just speculation on my part. Conversely, what could be the harm of not signing up? Again, speculation here, but there is a chance of the trial accounts getting preferential placement in line for the full-blown business accounts once they are available. Also, it might be nice to experiment and learn the new system while it is still in ‘trial mode’.
Will Google+ be a true competitor of Facebook and/or will it be another potential benefit to businesses? Only time will tell for certain but Google obviously has some strong factors on its side. Not the least of these benefits is Google’s large cash reserves of over $30 billion – that’s a lot of money to throw at any problems that might arise. Google is also the dominant player in Search Engines. Recently, I wrote a post regarding Microsoft’s Bing search engine and mentioned their partnership with Facebook to tie search and social media together. Google has a potential advantage in this area in that it would control both areas under one large umbrella and it already has a leg up in search.
There are some glaring negatives for Google+ however. Possibly the most difficult obstacle Google will face will be the firm entrenchment Facebook has in the Social arena. There are so many users already on Facebook with all of their friends already established that it may be hard to entice them onto a new platform. While many will jump on board just because it is the ‘new’ thing, there may be just as many if not more who are unwilling to start over or do double effort. There is also Google’s past attempts at entering the social game – Google Buzz and Google Wave. Heard of those? Probably not so much unless it was in regards to the class-action lawsuit about privacy rights. Not Google’s finest hour by any means.
So check out Google+ – and . Temper your expectations and decide whether this is something you want to try out. At the very least, I would recommend adding yourself to the personal account waiting list just to see if you can get in and experience the application from a user’s perspective. Google+ may be another failure but it may also be the next big thing in Social Marketing.
Let us know what you and your dealership plan to do!

With the recent launch and the automatic enabling of facebook’s facial recognition on your facebook account you may want to opt out.

Here is how the application works:

1. Friend uploads a picture to their facebook account with you in it.
2. The software recognizes your face
3. Then suggests to your friend to tag you in the photo

So for those of us who don’t want to be tagged automatically here is what you need to do.


1. Select “Account” from the top right menu on your facebook page

2. Go to “Privacy Settings”

3. Choose “customize settings”

4. Scroll down to the “things others share” it is the second section. Click Edit Settings for “suggest photos of me to friends”

5. Then you will see a toggle that is either “enable” or “disable” set to “disable to turn off and click OKAY

You should always take time to monitor any changes to your social media sites policies and privacy changes as well as all new applications that are added especially those that are default ENABLED.

Thank you for following Liquid Motors and I encourage you to comment link this blog to your Twitter, facebook or MySpace accounts to help your friends be aware of this change. Thank you again from your friends at Liquid Motors.

I know, I know, you are tired of your Internet marketing vendor telling you “Your dealership really needs a blog!”. You’re probably still trying to grasp the whole social media trend, and getting your head wrapped around Facebook and Twitter.

Well, in all honesty, and I am sorry about this, but…..your dealership DOES need a blog!

Your dealership has a website, right? A sharp, spiffy website that hopefully you are very proud of. Well, a nicely-done blog does 2 very important things for that sharp website of yours.
1. It makes it easy to add and update content, so there is always something fresh and interesting on the site.
2. It helps establish a relationship with visitors, which are potential customers, and build a climate of trust with them.

Yes, a blog does require some commitment, but it isn’t nearly as big-and-bad as most of you make it out to be. I will give you the “blogging basics” of what is required of you and hopefully you’ll realize that yes, in fact, a blog on your site would not only be do-able, but a benefit to your dealership.

Post to Your Blog Regularly
Blog search engines value consistency and rank fresh content over older content. The search engines will find you based upon your content and users will come to your blog and read what you have to say when they begin to pick up your posts on a regular basis. People will only continue to visit your blog if they get something new every time they visit your site, so reel them in!

Post on Other People’s Blogs Regularly
You need to get out on the Internet and find related automotive blogs and forums, read these posts and make interesting and intelligent comments. Make sure you link back to your own site, or better yet, directly to relevant articles on your own site. This builds the association between your blog and the other blogs in the automotive field. The more you comment on blogs, the more people will notice you.

Share Your Content
Share your blog across your social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Help your audience share your content as easily and quickly as possible by including the social sharing buttons, “like”, “share” and “add this”, on your blog post pages. Include your blog URL in your email signature and on your business cards. Get your dealership
blog out there!

Make the Search Engines Aware of Your Blog
Registering with the top blog search engines and blog directories will help get your dealership’s blog noticed in the right places. This is as easy as visiting the websites and filling out the forms. Some of the major directories to register on include Technorati, BlogCatalog, BlogHub and Globe of Blogs. Some important blog search engines to be noticed on include Google Blog Search, Digg, StumbleUpon and Bing. There are countless more that you will want to register your blog with, they are simply a Google search away!

Set up an RSS
Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is an XML-based format designed to share headlines and stories from your favorite websites. The best way to create an RSS feed is to use a blogging program (such as Blogger, Movable Type or WordPress, which is what Liquid Motors uses) to automatically create the headlines, links and descriptions and the HTML for you. In order to receive RSS feeds, you subscribe to the websites from which you want to receive content. When those websites update their site, the info will be delivered automatically to your RSS reader (Google Reader, NetVibes and Bloglines are a few) and by clicking the headline link you will get the full article. The bottom line about RSS is that it adds to the places your blog can be listed and found, which means more traffic for your site.

Now, be patient! With persistence and good, solid content on your blog, you will build your online brand and pick up leads, which will eventually lead to customers and profit.
Your blog is the gateway in promoting YOUR dealership and YOUR inventory. It is an incredible tool for sharing information and expertise….so, sorry, but……

Your dealership really needs a blog!

If you are a regular user on Facebook then you have probably heard about the new feature that they are testing in a few markets called “Deals”. Deals is similar to Groupon and Living Social in that you can subscribe for free to either site and they will send you daily offers in your area for 50% to sometimes 90% off! The catch is that there is a time limit as to how long the offer is available, and in some cases, to get the deal there has to be a certain amount purchased before you get the deal. I LOVE Groupon and Living Social and I buy at least 1 deal a week – if not more! I even think that they read my mind sometimes. The other day I was thinking about how badly we need our carpets cleaned and I logged into Groupon and what do you know…there was an offer for 55% off Baby Safe Carpet Cleaning…bingo! Facebook took notice of the popularity of these sites and is now piloting their Deals in 4 markets – Dallas, Austin, Atlanta and San Diego. Lucky for me, I live in Dallas, so when the message popped up yesterday asking if I wanted to receive daily Deals I immediately replied “yes”! I am always looking for a good deal, especially when it comes to servicing my car. Just yesterday one of my co-workers Googled “oil change” and found a coupon for a $9.95 oil change at a place here in town. Now who knows what kind of oil or filter they are using, but either way, all she cares about is that it only costs her $9.95. I have noticed that some dealerships are taking advantage of Groupon and Living Social and offering discounts on light maintenance services, like oil and filter changes, tire rotations and brake inspections and on other services such as wash and detail. What a great idea! What is the one stigma that still plagues dealership service departments today? That they are too expensive and it will take too long for the service to be performed. Here’s a thought…offer a deep discount on oil and filter change and throw in a multi- point inspection to get people in the door….then sell them on your wonderful customer service! I used to work with service departments and I know for a fact that they are NOT more expensive. In fact, sometimes they are priced the same, if not cheaper, then the Wal-Marts and Firestones of the world. So get them in on a great offer and then show them why they need to keep coming back!

You may or may not be aware of sites like or where companies send out a special of the day type promotions and site members race to purchase the limited number of those specially priced deals. The Home Depot has a great promotion and by “Like”ing them on their Facebook page you get an opportunity to purchase a great item as they have them on a wide variety of closeout items at huge savings with free shipping. Well move over Groupon and Living Social here come Facebook Deals. You may have already seen the lading page for this new area on Facebook but the New York Times is reporting today that the Facebook Deals has launched service in a test environment in the following cities: Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, San Diego and San Francisco. The great thing is these specials will spread via email and the all important News Feed. Facebook will also be adding REAL credits to their program allowing members to build a stock pile of credits for future purchases.

Who is ready to go to New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys! OK seriously so how is this an opportunity? If an oil change is $19.95 on special at your dealership and the true cost of oil, filter, labor is around $7.00 what kind of volume and EXPOSURE would you get if you did a $9.95 oil change? How many people on Facebook would spread the word about your dealership to their friends regarding this great promotion and finally how many of them will “Like” your Facebook page?

All of that to gain “Likes” and positive word of mouth Terry? Heck NO, I ran this exact promotion for all employees of our local school district. Anytime someone came in for the oil change promotion I went out on the service drive to meet them face to face and thank them for taking advantage of the promotion and their dedication to our community and students. WAIT, I also sold no less than 2 cars a month with some months being 10+ just off this promotion. No a huge deal but it made money!

Look for this new opportunity and when it comes to your area take advantage of it. You stand to grow your online and social media efforts exponentially.

Thank you for following all of the Liquid Motors Inc. bloggers and please, I ask you to leave your comments and share this blog with your friends and co-workers.

As this social networking phenomenon continues to grow exponentially, it is critical that dealerships arm themselves in this revolution. With over 500 million Facebook users spending an average of 25 minutes a day on the site, don’t you see the value of even a fraction of those viewers spending even a fraction of that time on your page? And if these masses are going to spend a little time on your page, you better throw ‘em a bone! A great way to add value to your Facebook fan page is to offer users an incentive to become fans. According to surveys, Facebook users want a little something special from businesses they are fans of. I guess the old “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” is at play here. Well, more along the lines of “if I ‘like’ you, you sure better ‘like’ me”. The reality is, we live in a “tit-for-tat” society. So, how do you “like” those wonderful Facebook fans? What bones are you throwing them and what love are you showing them? You can post “fans-only” weekly coupons and specials, offer discounted services once a week, start a helpful fan page question/answer section, run contests or giveaways….all these ideas are great for your fan pages because they build a loyal audience and make your fans feel special and appreciated.

What better incentive does your dealership need than to know you may actually win over a Facebook fan to become a true brand loyalist and satisfied customer?

Let me know the creative ideas your dealership uses on its Facebook fan page!

If you subscribe to Dealer Magazine then you may have seen the cover of the March issue spotlighting the Scott Family of Dealerships In the article they talk about how they are using social media, and from the sound of it, they do it all! They mentioned what really sets them apart from everyone else is the blog they started, If you haven’t read their blog yet I urge you to read it immediately! What I love about their blog is how they write about not only what is going on in the dealership but in their community as well. The logo at their dealership is a sailboat. I know it doesn’t sound that exciting but you should see the way they incorporate the sailboat into every aspect of the dealership. The sailboat is on everything from t-shirts, sweatshirts and dresses to license plates, it’s even painted on the top of their building! Yes, they actually painted a sailboat on the top of their Honda store for Google Maps! I know all of this because they blog about it. They also blog about the monthly coloring contest they have, coloring in a sailboat of course, and how the winner is announced every month on the blog. You know how I mentioned the t shirts and sweatshirts with sailboats on them? They took it one step further and have pictures of people wearing the shirts all over the country. Kind of a “Where’s Waldo/Flat Stanley” kind of thing. People take pictures wearing the shirts and submit them and they post them on the blog. They even named it “Sconda Hoodies Across the World”. It doesn’t always have to be about the new model that is coming out or the big sale that is going on that weekend. All of their posts go to show that just because it’s a dealership blog doesn’t mean it can’t be fun!

Facebook has become one of the most powerful social networking tools in history. Businesses are now recognizing the importance of connecting with their customers and potential customers through the social media site in an effort to keep them informed on their latest news and promotions. While it is extremely important to build a large fan base on Facebook for your business, it is more important to build a QUALITY fan base. Lately, I have seen companies pitching to dealers that they will grow their fan base by several thousand fans nearly overnight. These practices are typically based on the same practices that bring those emails everyone loves to see for cheap VIAGRA to their inbox. The real power behind Facebook stems from the fact that people are more likely to buy a good or service based on the recommendation of a friend or even a friend of a friend and Facebook helps facilitate this connection. When people begin to see your network grow with people who clearly have never done business with you their level of trust begins to dwindle. While it is true that global brands such as Coca Cola or BMW’s networks would include fans from all over the world, odds are slim that your local East Texas car dealership would have a huge network of fans from the Far East and even more unlikely that those fans from the Far East will be coming in for an oil change any time soon. Take the time to grow your fan base the right way and you will see increased ROI from your Facebook marketing efforts.

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