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I know we have talked about it before…especially when Google made the change to how they display, or lack there of, 3rd party reviews. I had a customer call me the other day wanting some suggestions on how to best display review sites and testimonials on his website. He is changing his delivery process and is now going to have the sales associate pull up the page with the customer at the point of delivery and ask them to write a review right then and there. I think it sounds like a great idea cause we all know that at the point of delivery the customer is going to be as happy as they will ever be, sorry but that is “typically” the truth, and what better time to ask them to write about their experience. I did warn my dealer that he might get push back and some people might not want to fill out a survey at that time and might feel pressured into it so it and that the delivery of how they ask the customer will be just as important then the delivery of the car. Some people might want to write a testimonial in the comforts of their own home without the sales associate hovering above them so if they don’t want to write one let them know that you will email them the information on how to write one should they decide to do so at a later date. Have you changed your process at the dealership on how you collect testimonials and reviews? If so we want to hear from you!


Every day I find myself reading through at least one forum, if not more, on one automotive site or another. I like to keep up with what is out there and know what people, dealers, are talking about. This morning I read this entry on a great forum, Automotive Digital Marketing, When’s the last time your saw an evidence manual?. If you haven’t taken a minute to check out their forum I urge you to do so today! The author of the post asks the question, Where is your evidence manual? To be honest I didn’t even know what he was talking about and then I read on and thought, “That’s a great idea”! For those of you who don’t know what an Evidence Manual (EM) is basically it’s a “brag book” with pictures of happy customers and testimonials etc. I used to work with Saturn dealers and the one thing I loved about going to visit them is they all had pictures showering the showroom of happy customers and their new cars. What better way to build a potential buyers confidence then showing off all of the happy customers you have?? Jae went on to say that with today’s technology it’s even easier cause all you need is a camera, memory card and an electronic picture frame. Perfect! So all you have to do is take a picture with your happy customer as soon as they get the keys to their shiny new car and upload it to the electronic picture frame that is sitting on the front of your desk on the showroom floor and viola..instant customer testimonials!

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